Corporate Startup Stars is the annual celebration of the best global practices
and role models in open innovation

Organized by Mind the Bridge in partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce, the CSS recognizes trailblazing international companies in the area of corporate-startup collaboration


Best-in-class Open Innovation practices and promoting corporate-startup collaborations globally


Challengers of the status quo bringing forward novel approaches in the space of corporate Open Innovation


North American, South American, Europe, East Asia, India, China, Middle East, Africa, Australia

Rising Stars

Companies not listed in the Fortune 500/Forbes 2000 list, with emerging approaches


Corporate Startup

Corporate Venture Client

Corporate Venture Capital

Startup M&A

Venture Builder

Intrapreneurship Program

Innovation Organization

Winner Orbit

2022 Winner Corporate Startup Star

“Although the modes of collaboration are in continuous evolution, there are best practices that are arising as well as KPIs for measuring impact”

2022 Corporate Startup Star Pictures

Evolve or be Extinct

Open Innovation – a democratized approach to innovation where collaboration among internal and external resources replaces conventional closed R&D silos – is fast becoming ubiquitous. 95% of organizations now report leveraging Open Innovation practices, with 54% doing so on “most” or “all” projects, according to a recent research report from
The Economist (2022).

Back in 2016, when we first launched the “Corporate Startup Stars Awards”, the goal was to shed light on a fast emerging phenomena: corporate-startup collaboration. Experimentation was the rule of the game.

Six years later, companies have gathered experience and focus on results: the ultimate goal of the Awards that today we run in partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), is to foster corporate-startup collaboration globally, by showcasing success stories and the best-in-class, thus stimulating a virtuous cycle in which every player positively influences each other.

This report aims at presenting data points, trends, lessons learned, and best practices from the global 100 2022 Corporate Startup Stars.

Learn from the best in class


Mind the Bridge, in partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) developed a framework to recognize the best companies in Open Innovation and Corporate-Startup Collaboration. Forbes 2000 and Fortune Global 500 companies based on publicly available information were analyzed and the best in Open Innovation were presented to a Judging Committee composed of independent experts from different innovation backgrounds.

An application form was also available on the website to allow every other company to apply. In sum, overall results achieved across seven Open Innovation variables were factored: Innovation Organizational Structure, Intrapreneurship, Accelerator, Venture Builder, Venture Client (Procurement from startups), CVC (Startup Investments), and M&A (Acquisitions).

Judging Committee

In defining the final ranking we will be helped by a panel of judges composed of the following exceptional professionals

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