2016 Award Ceremony

Celebration of Best Practices
and Role Models in Open Innovation

Top 25 2016 Corporates Startup Stars

1. Cisco 6. Orange 11. KPMG 16. Microsoft 21. EDF
2. Rabobank 7. Telecom Italia 12. RBS 17. Sky 22. Diaegeo
3. Unilever 8. BBVA 13. WPP 18. KLM 23. BMW
4. Telefonica 9. KPN 14. Eneco 19. Accenture 24. PWC
5. Virgin 10. EDP 15. MSD 20. SAP SE 25. METRO

“Europe’s 25 Corporate Startup Stars celebrates the myriad ways that corporates are now working with startups. The number of interactions has grown in the last five years as increasing numbers see new companies as an opportunity rather than a threat, with both learning from the other. We hope the ranking acts as food for thought for big businesses wanting to stay at the forefront of trends and grow their market share.”

– Chris Haley, Head of Startups and New Technology Research at Nesta